Pontederia cordata L.




An erect, perennial plant that arises from short, thick rhizomes and grows up to three feet in height. The leaves are six to twelve inches long, rounded at the apex and parallel veined. They are extremely variable in shape. The leaves may be lanceolate with a narrow base or triangular-ovate or triangular-lanceolate with a wider base. The flowers are numerous and showy on 2-6 inch spikes, flowering from April to October. The fruit is 0.25 inches long, reddish, glutinous and 1-seeded.


Cover for fish and wildlife. Wetland restoration, water gardens. 


Found in lakes, ponds ditches and streams in water up to 2.5 feet deep.


 Seed - best sown as soon as ripe in pots standing in 2cm of water in a cold frame. Cover the seed lightly with soil or sand. Submerse in 3cm depth of water after the seedlings emerge. Division is best in April but it can be done at almost any time of the year.


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